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Notice of Non Discriminatory Policy to Students

It is the policy of 1st Christian Academy to maintain a school environment free from unlawful discrimination and to conduct its educational practices, admissions programs, financial aid policies, and other school-sponsored programs on the basis of an individual’s qualifications and abilities without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, or any other protected characteristic as established by federal, state, and local law, unless a particular status protected by such law contradicts the deeply held religious convictions of 1st Christian Academy. 

Christian Education is a priceless gift for your children that will last them a lifetime. We understand and appreciate the financial sacrifice and commitment families make when the decision is made to send their children to a Christian School. In turn, we strive to keep the tuition cost mindful and never take it for granted.  

How To Enroll

At 1st Christian, our application process starts with a campus tour and family interview. We look forward to meeting you!

​                                             Three “A” of Admission

 Admission to 1st Christian Academy is a simple three step process.
It’s never too early to get started as waiting lists exist for most grades.

Step 1: APPLY

We accept applications throughout the year. Here’s what happens once the application, $50 non-refundable fee for Campus Students, International Students and $150 Registration Fee for Virtual Students, and all required documents are received:

Supporting Document:
Drivers License of Parents and all other that will be picking student up
Immunization Record

       1.Schedule School Tour
       2.Complete Student Application 
       3.Diagnostic Test Scheduled
       4.Parent / Student Interview Scheduled
       5.Admission Decision Communicated

Step 2: ACCEPT

Admission decisions are communicated beginning February 15. Accepted students must submit a Non-Refundable Registration Fee within 10 days of acceptance otherwise his/her seat is forfeited. It’s at the ACCEPT stage that you may apply for financial assistance. Families who qualify for Financial Aid have the greatest opportunity to receive assistance if the application is received by April 1 as awards are announced beginning May 1. Also during the ACCEPT stage you’ll order uniforms and be asked to submit state-required immunization and other medical and insurance records. 

Step 3: ATTEND

Once you’ve completed the ACCEPT stage, it’s time to get ready for classes! Activities for new students and parents abound in order to make your transition to FCA seamless. After student has been accepted, they will be scheduled for a diagnostic test.

​Graduation Diploma  Requirements 

1st Christian Academy offers two types of Diploma: General and Advanced. The course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into most universities and colleges. However, since each college and university has its own entrance requirements, we recommend that you consult the school of your choice to tailor an appropriate preparatory education program.

Category                                      General Description                                                 General          Advance
Bible                    Minimum of 2 cr./ Required (1) per year enrolled/up to 4cr.        2                  3

Math                             Algebra I     Geometry           Calculus
                                     Algebra ll     Pre Calculus      Statistics                                 3                  4

English                         English I      English II           Eng. Comp I &II
                                     English III    English IV                                                             4                 4

Science                        Biology        Physical Science  Bible & Sci     Anatomy  
                                     Chemistry   Physic    Bible & Civilization                              3                 4

Social Studies              World History  W.Geography        Amer.History
                                     US Civics        The Constitution   Economics
                                     Collectivism     Into to Phy.                                                      4                4

Health                           Intro to Health     Health 101         Dental Asst. l
                                     Hematology         Intro to Nursing  Dental Asst. II 
                                     Dental Asst. III                                                                          2                2

Fine Arts                       Art 101        Creative Writing     Music Appreciation  
                                     TV Production            Theater 101                                        1                1

Foreign Language        Must be 2 consecutive years in one language                 2                3

Physical Ed                  General PE I,II,III,IV                                                                2                2

Technology                   Adobe Suite: Photoshop    Design  Illustrator 
                                     Intro to Tech  Dreamweaver 
                                     Computer- Digital Art & Graphics                                        1                1

Electives                       Choice of 40+ electives 23

Most colleges and universities will accept students with a General Course of Study Diploma. This diploma enables prospective students to attend community college, some vocational or technical schools and most universities.

The following are the recommended courses requirements for the General and Advanced Studies Diplomas.

*The senior year history requirement requires a combination of state government and federal government. To comply, 1st Christian Academy students will now take the Texas State History course and the Texas Government course in the Sr. year.

**Students must earn 2 credits from any one subject area or from a combination of courses in foreign language, fine arts, and technology. 

1st Christian recommends that students pursuing the Advanced Studies diploma take semester electives in American Literature and British Literature.


Are your students really mastering basic Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and Spelling skills? Could there be learning gaps that have not been identified? 1st Christian Academy Diagnostic Testing begins with simple concepts and continues through more advanced thinking. Successful completion of the tests indicates readiness for high school level curriculum.

A doctor must diagnose a patient’s physical needs before prescribing proper treatment. In much the same way, a student’s academic needs must be diagnosed before proper curriculum can be prescribed. Proper academic diagnosis and prescription is vital to a student’s achievement.

Each student entering either the  A.C.E./ Ignitia program is given diagnostic test to determine skill and concept mastery. The diagnostic tests assist the teacher in determining the student’s academic needs in each subject. After the student completes the diagnostic testing, he is given curriculum that meets and challenges him at his performance level.
Four academic areas are tested: Math Levels 1-9, English Levels 1-8, reading Levels 1-8 (science, social studies, Bible Reading, and Literature and Creative Writing), and spelling Levels 2-9. These tests cover basic skills normally mastered before high school.

When weak areas are evident from the testing, the appropriate gap PACES/Units are prescribed to strengthen specific weaknesses. After completing the gap PACES/Units, the student progresses at his performance level. If he demonstrates mastery at all levels of testing, he has the ability to function at his chronological grade level.

​Virtual School

Students have two choices with our school. The student can choose to do their classes online in the comfort of their home or library, or come to Pearland TX, and take part in the campus private school. 


Teacher Led Individualized Instruction
Choice of Curriculum
Enroll Anytime Throughout the Year
Accredited Diploma 
Individualization Curriculum Plan
Bible Based Curriculum - King James
College Preparatory Curriculum
Support via Chat, Email, Phone and/or Join.Me 
Flexible & Convenient Schedule
AP & Honors Courses
Credit Recovery
Affordable Monthly Payment Plan

1st Christian Academy & Online Virtual School exists to support parents and guardians in their biblical responsibility to nurture and train their children. FCA provides opportunities that allow students to experience academic and spiritual development through an individualized, Christ-centered Curriculum. Parents now have the option to choose Computer-based OR Paper-based Curriculum


At First Christian Academy-Online, we use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)
curriculum. The ACE curriculum is different from other curriculum. For over 40 years, it has been the trendsetter in Biblical education reform. Its philosophy is built on basic principles of the Word of God. Students are taught to see life from God's point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in Godly wisdom and character. Accelerated Christian Education is not just a publisher but a comprehensive Bible-based program that serves both the campus-based school and the home school.


Biblical, Character-Based Education
Individualized Education
Mastery-Based Academic Excellence
Multimedia and Computer Technology
Training and Convention Workshops
Student Opportunities for Character Development and Ministry
Goal Setting Skills
Diagnostic Testing
Independent Habits
Advanced Placement
The ACE curriculum uses PACES to teach students the content of most of the subjects.


Accelerated Christian Education has taken the conventional styled textbook and divided it into bite-sized, achievable, work-texts called PACES. Each PACE is similar to a unit in a textbook. Each level consists of 12 PACES in each subject. PACES integrate Godly character-building lessons into academic content, and self-instructional activities are carefully designed to develop thinking skill and create mastery learning. Students begin their PACE work by noting their goals, the concepts they will learn, a Bible verse, and a corresponding character trait. From the beginning of each PACE, they know what is expected and assume the responsibility for their own learning! Full-colored explanations and illustrations add excitement to each lesson, and innovative learning activities reinforce the interesting text material. 
Since 1970, ACE PACES have proven to be effective tools for goal setting and for achieving academic excellence.


Reignite the passion of learning with the newest learning management system from Alpha Omega Publications. This comprehensive curriculum for students in grades 3 through 12 includes lessons in five core subject areas: Bible, language arts, math, science, and history and geography, with a diverse list of electives also available. Ignitia courses are not only rigorous and interactive, but provide instruction based on a Christian worldview, encouraging students to consider challenging questions from a biblical perspective.

Courses include text-based lessons, assignments, quizzes, and tests that engage students while they learn. Optional external web links, interactive learning games, audio and video clips, and off-computer assignments help students develop the skills necessary for academic success in a media-rich environment. Ignitia addresses both short and long-term challenges faced by Christian educators as they integrate technology into their school environment. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface supports digital literacy with interactive lessons available online anytime. With unsurpassed administrative controls, teachers can customize courses to accommodate differentiated learning, plan in advance with progressive scheduling and calendar options, and easily create data-rich reports with advanced filtering functions. With Ignitia, Christian schools benefit from the latest digital technology available in the Christian market while holding true to traditional values founded on faith.


A Proven Way to Get Students Back on Track

Every student needs a helping hand. 1st Christian Academy Credit Recovery Program is crafted to aid students who have fallen behind and need to make up credits to reach graduation. Our credit recovery courses are self-contained and are designed to supplement an existing curriculum. Students can enroll in this program at any time during the year.

How It Works: Overview
A flexible credit recovery solution for grades 5-12
When schools and families are looking for help to get failing students back on track, many find that 1st Christian Academy Credit Recovery is the ideal solution that offers:
Affordable tuition
Low impact on school resources 1st Christian Academy Credit Recovery provides coursework that students can complete independently whenever and wherever they need to —at home, at school or on the go. The completed work is submitted to Enlightium Academy for evaluation, saving often scarce school resources. Student performance and an official transcript with credits earned is emailed and mailed to the registered family.

How It Works: Who Can Enroll?

Families and schools work together on a credit recovery solution
1st Christian Academy Credit Recovery accepts enrollments from students who meet the following requirements:
Students must be recommended by their school counselor, principal or other authorized school official by a signature on the enrollment application.
Students must have been enrolled in a subject, and could not complete that subject or failed it for reasons other than lack of ability (such as lack of effort, excessive absence, etc.).
Parent submit the Auto Withdrawal Form and the charges will be withdrawn from your Savings/Checking Account or you may use your Credit Card.  
Diagnostic testing in the requested subject allows teachers to identify content areas in which students need review, so students who previously failed a course can recover the credits they need to graduate without repeating the entire course.

Tuition: Overview

Full Credit - Recovering a full credit will be priced as a single credit course in any of the available programs: Enhanced Plus $ 700 for 1. credit

Half Credit
Recovering a half credit will be priced at half of the normal credit price in any of the available programs: Enhanced Plus $ 550 for .5 credits 


1st Christian Academy offers a wide range of College Prep, AP, Honors and courses that are convenient and flexible.
1st Christian Academy provides students with the opportunity to earn credit in College Prep, AP, Honors, and world language courses, enabling students to complete graduation requirements or prerequisites while continuing to attend their primary school program. Students can take their classes anywhere they have an Internet connection, ensuring flexibility for a busy schedule. Teachers provide students with a personalized and teacher-guided course of study. Because our college prep courses include full teacher services and individualized grading, 1st Christian Academy has an excellent record of its courses being accepted by a student’s primary school for credit and for admission to colleges.

How it Works: Single Course Enrollments

To enroll in a course, students must meet prerequisites, and obtain their school’s approval to receive credit. Students should contact their school counselor and get permission to take a 1st Christian Academy course. The following form must be completed to receive approval from the student’s current school: 

Concurrent Enrollment Request Form.

The student’s primary school is responsible for maintaining student records and updating transcripts to reflect courses completed through 1st Christian Academy. Upon request, 1st Christian Academy registrar will forward the official transcript of all courses completed through our program.

Steps for Part-Time Enrollment:

Part-time students should expect approximately two weeks between the time of enrollment in a course and the start date. Courses can be semester-long or full-year, and the course pace can be adjusted from accelerated to extended in order to fit the needs of the student.

Step 1: Complete the Application 
Step 2: Check with Your School Counselor

It is important to check with a counselor at your current school to make sure that the 1st Christian Academy course(s) you are considering will be accepted on your diploma and by any future colleges you may attend.

Step 3: Review Requirements and Course Prerequisites
Step 4: Enroll in Courses

You will receive an email with a web address, username and password to login and select and pay for your courses. It is important to read the school’s policies before submitting your course selection.

Step 5: Receive Confirmation of Class Enrollment

You will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to class and inviting you to begin with the Student Orientation prior to the start of class. Make sure to follow all directions on your welcome email as well as any follow-up emails that you may receive directly from your instructor.

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